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BUT the weekly podcast now comes with podnotes: ✍️ A written accompaniment to the in-depth interviews with the most innovative and successful healthcare business founders out there.

From startups to established companies, our guests share inspiring stories and give valuable advice on how to grow a successful healthcare business 🚀

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📝 Whether you’re short on time to listen to the full episode or just prefer written content, you can find the Founders Readers podnotes here every Friday

Each podnote edition reveals insights on the stories, investor pitches, challenges, and opportunities for businesses operating in the healthtech/biotech/medtech industries 📧 released at the same time as the Founders Keepers podcast (GMT).

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Podcast and podnotes for the Med/Bio/Healthtech Community 🎙 Weekly podcast hosted by an MD 🩺 Interviewing Med/Bio/Healthtech Founders 🚀 On all major platforms 🗒️ Each episode accompanied by a written key insights summary posted right here 👇