Feb 7 • 16M

#34 Conference Special (1/2): Joe Hernandez of Blue Water Vaccines

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This is a special segment podcast episode with a focus on questions around conferences, given that it’s currently conference season for bio, med and health tech organisations in the US. Blue Water Vaccines showcased at JPM Healthcare in January and is an early-stage biotech company focused on manufacturing a universal influenza vaccine in partnership with the University of Oxford in England. 

Joe is a seasoned health tech entrepreneur, holding multiple degrees in everything from neuroscience to molecular genetics and business. He has a background in company creation, early-stage technology development, and both private and public market financing. Over the course of his career, he has founded or led eight entrepreneurial companies in cutting edge areas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. 

In this episode, we talk about the post-covid vaccine landscape, the value of human interactions for business, and changing with the markets. 

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